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The 3rd Virtual Society? Programme Synthesis Meeting

IBM, Hursley

22-23rd March 1999

Sally Wyatt describes changing patterns of Internet use


Charles Raab asks a question of Syd Chapman

Syd Chapman (IBM)

Rodger Hake (BCS and Foresight ITEC)

Jonathan Allen has views on Foresight

Su White

Geoff Robinson(Ordance Survey)

Charles Raab, Steve Brown and Celia Lury

Melanie Ashleigh

Luke James (IBM)


Hugh Willmott and Faith Noble


Brian McGrail, Caroline Ingram, David Mason and Charles Raab

Neville Stanton, Frances Xu, Tony Robers and Melanie Ashleigh

Syd Chapman (IBM) fields question from Virtual Society? programmers

Peter Lunt with Graham Turtle (IBM)

Rodger Hake (BCS and Foresight ITEC) and Steve Woolgar

Steve Woolgar and Charles Raab

Charles Crook (with Penny Harvey and Sarah Green)

Sonia Liff (with Peter Lunt and Liz Moor)

David Morrison (with Richard Kingston)

Brian McGrailand Neil Pollock

Virtual pyramid?




Richard Kingston,

Neville Stanton and Brian McGrail



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