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Articles on/from the Virtual Society? programme

OldJon Agar's article on Info Cliches, from THES.

OldBrian McGrail's media storm.

OldJohn Goddard's article on Virtual Universities in THES, 30th July 1999

OldDan Jellinek's article on the Virtual Society? programme in The Guardian, 9th September 1999

OldScott Lash on the Informationcritique

OldJames Cornford's paper on The Virtual University is (paradoxically) the University Made Concrete

OldInclusion in the Information Society - The Distinctive Role of E-Gateways. Teleworker article by Sonia Liff, Fred Steward and Peter Watts

Old"Millions are deserting cyberspace for the real world"

Old"E-volution, not revolution"

OldDefining the Digital Divide, Steve Woolgar's presentation at Citizens Online conference, 23rd May 2000

Old"Getting Online Does Not Bring People Together"

OldBeware Cyberbole!

OldMaking the Right Call Article by Eleanor Burt and John Taylor in NCVO News

OldWhere is the paperless office? Steve Woolgar's article in THES

OldTheory and Practice of the Virtual University. Article in Ariadne by Neil Pollock and James Cornford

OldVirtual Society? appears in Wall Street Journal

OldVoyeurs find entertainment in web misery rooms

OldVirtual Society? Beyond the hype? Steve Woolgar's article in The Source Public Management Journal

OldWhy shoppers shy away from the net

Old"Online banking condemned for 'hidden' charges"

OldElite logs out of E-uni

Old"Fleeing the era". Sally Wyatt's article in The Unesco Courier

Old"Teenagers 'are no longer interested in the internet'" Charles Arthur's article in The Independent

OldVirtual Society? Recent media storm: on reflection


Virtual Society? and related events

Old Bruno Latour gives first Virtual Society? Programme Public Lecture, 1st April 1998. Photos available.

OldTechnology and Privacy Symposium held at Institute of Civil Engineers, 30 July 1998. Report and photos available.

OldVirtual Society? Prospects for the Social Science of Electronic Technologies: three Panel sessions at European Association for Studies of Science and Technology, 30th September to 3rd October 1998. See Sessions VI4 at EASST ‘98 conference.

OldAt last! Photographs from the Virtual Society? at the Lisbon EASST meeting, 1-3 October 1998!

OldFurther funding for Virtual Society? Research!? We want to know the views of both researchers and prospective users of the research. Join in our consultation exercise!

OldLiving in Cyberspace - Myths and Realities. London meeting held on 26th January 1999. Report and photos available.

OldReport on "Technological mediation: The social psychology of information communication technologies", a symposium at the British Psychological Society Annual Social Psychology Conference held at University of Kent at Canterbury and convened by Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone.

OldTechnology and Social Exclusion. Symposium held on 23rd February 1999. Report and photos available.

OldTechnology in its Place. conference on 3rd March 1999.

OldBuying the Vision. Seminar on visual engineering, 9th of March 1999

OldPictures of the 3rd Programme Synthesis Meeting, IBM Hursley, 22-23rd March 1999

OldReports and pictures of Education in the Virtual Society. Symposium, London, 14th July 1999

OldSociality/Materiality: The Status of the Object in Social Science. Conference held on 9-11th September 1999, Brunel University.

OldPictures of the 4th Programme Synthesis Meeting, York/Teesside, 6-7th October 1999

OldReport of The Virtual University - Educational environments of the future. Conference, Stockholm, 14-16th October 1999

OldAt last!. Pictures of the 4S Conference, San Diego, 28-31st October 1999

OldReport of Inclusion or Exclusion: Access to the Internet and Public Participation. Workshop, Leeds, 10th November 1999

OldReport and pictures of The Realities of E-commerce. Evening symposium, London, 11th November 1999

OldInformation and Communication Technologies: Reshaping Voluntary Organisations? Research seminar held on 18th November 1999, London

OldHighly Thought Of? Electronic Surveillance and the Tower Block. A Day Conference, Edinburgh, 27th November 1999

OldReport on E-commerce and the restructuring of consumption. Workshop, London,10th December 1999

OldEthnography and the Internet: Writing into the New Millenium (in association with Anthropology in Action). Meeting held 13-14th December 1999, Hull

OldInclusion in the Information Society: E-Gateways as New Social Places for Cyberaccess. A day conference, Birmingham, 16th December 1999

OldReport of Wired Welfare? Setting an agenda for social policy. Workshop, York, 13th January 2000

OldReport on Future of the Internet. Workshop, London, 28th January 2000

OldReport on Future Learning in the Virtual Society. Workshop, London, 4th February 2000

OldReport on Virtual Methodology?. Workshop, Uxbridge, 5th February 2000

OldInhabiting Technology (organised with Institute of Contemporary Arts). 11-12th March 2000, London

OldOpen Systems - a chance for democracy?. Steve Woolgar's presentation to the Annual EIP (Exchanging Information with People), 15-16th March 2000, London

OldNetwork, Scale, Memory and Play: Key Concepts in ICT Research. A workshop, 15th March 2000, Manchester

OldVirtuality in Europe: Trends, Opportunities and Risks. Conference held 23-26th March 2000, Paderborn, Germany. Pictures are available

OldPerforming Virtualities. Postgraduate workshop, Windsor, 2nd-3rd May 2000. Pictures and presentations are available

OldVirtual Society? Get Real!. Virtual Society? conference, Ashridge House, 4-5th May 2000. Pictures and some full papers are  available. For a review of the conference by Nicola Doering, please access M/C - Journal of Media and Culture

OldWorking Together?: Knowledge and Management in the Information Society. Workshop, Keele University, 16-17th June 2000

OldDelivering the Virtual Promise? from access to use in the virtual society. Conference held 19th June 2000, London. Pictures and full presentations are available

OldThe Future of Universities. Report of the symposium (28-29th September 2000, Newcastle)

OldThis way to the UK-Nordic Initiative on Information and Communication Technologies


Virtual Society? reports

OldVirtual Society? Programme featured in ESRC Updates with sections on projects led by Sonia Liff, Peter Lunt and David Mason. See Social Sciences Newsletter, July 1998 issue.

OldNew DTI report acknowledges input from Virtual Society? Programme. The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has released Converging Technologies: the consequences for the new knowledge-driven economy through the DTI Future Unit. The report aims to highlight the potential impact that the convergence of information systems, telecommunications and broadcasting will have on companies and markets over the next 10 years.

OldCan the Internet Increase Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making? Report on "Virtual Slaithwaite".

OldCybercafes and Telecottages: Increasing Public Access to Computers and the Internet.

OldWeb-based GIS Used to Enhance Public Democratic Involvement. Paper available

OldReport Information and Communication Technologies: Reshaping Voluntary Organisations? available

OldNewsletter with report The Virtual Re-make of High-Rise Housing

OldProjects in Action. Photo file of recent project visits

OldAn extensive list of Virtual Society? Project Publications available

OldVirtual Society? Programme submits written evidence to Parliamentary Select Committee on E-commerce

OldInfrastructure and Institutional Change in the Networked University. Paper by Philip E. Agre

OldThey came, they surfed, they went back to the beach Are teenagers stopping using the Internet?

OldSocial support on the Net. Paper on virtual "communities" of care

OldTechnology, Work and Surveillance. New publications on the project

OldHow can the uncertainty surrounding emerging IT be explained? (End of Award report)

OldTechnology claiming to save time actually increases the need for meetings (End of Award report)

OldVoluntary sectors fail to exploit new technology (End of Award report)

OldInternet communication is no less 'personal' than face to face contact (End of Award report)

OldEven virtual organisations rely on real people! (End of Award report)

OldNetworked university accommodation does not make students study more! (End of Award report)


Other Virtual Society? news

OldMinister for E-commerce welcomes Virtual Society? report

OldVirtual Society? researcher Charles Raab has been 
appointed to the Advisory Group for the Project on Privacy and Data-Sharing in the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU). The project report  is expected to be presented to the Prime Minister in Spring, 2001 

OldQuestion about Virtual Society? Programme raised in the House!

OldVirtual Society? in the news Post Modern-Oliver Burkeman on 'Why users are falling out of love with electronic communication'
The Guardian, 20 June 2001

OldReflections on the Virtual Society?-Steve Woolgar's Keynote Presentation (ppt) to the International Colloquium on Users and Services in Telecommunications, ICUST-2001, Paris 12-14 June 2001


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