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Ms Melanie Ashleigh

Ms Melanie Ashleigh
Engineering Psychology Research Group
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
+44 (0)1703 594 595


Melanie Ashleigh (Human Supervisory Control in Virtual Environments) is currently working as a full time member of staff with Dr. Neville Stanton in the Engineering Psychology Research Group (EPRG) at Southampton University. Prior to this current project, she worked on a two year project analysing teamworking in control rooms within the energy distribution industry.

Before entering the academic world Melanie had her own business in selection and recruitment. However, after having had a family and becoming totally 'dischuffed' with the psychology of selling people to other people, she came to Southampton as an undergraduate and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology in 1995. She has spent some time teaching and assessing disabled people, assisting them in returning to employment, but have been a member of the EPRG department since 1996.

Her main area of research interest is teamworking, specifically in Human Supervisory Control environments and she currently examining the element of trust in teams as her PhD thesis.

The importance of trust as an element of teamwork has recently increased due to the escalation of automation in the workplace and organisational change. Both these factors have brought about dispersed and reduced labour, together with variation in working patterns. Specifically, where people are remote or experience a high level of movement either within or between teams, the development of trust becomes more difficult. She is also investigating how the structure of teams may affect the development or maintenance of trust.

Publications, all in colabortation with N. Stanton, include 'A Systems Analysis of Teamworking in the gas distribution industry' (Final Project Report, No. 3, 1997), 'A systems analysis of teamworking in control operations' (in D. Harris ed., Engineering psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Avebury Technical, 1997), 'Human Supervisory Control: What of the future?' (in (eds.), S.A. Robertson Contemporary Ergonomics, Taylor and Francis, 1997), 'Café of Eve in the control room' (in D. Harris ed., Engineering psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Avebury Technical, 1997), 'Selecting personnel in the nuclear power industry' (in N. Stanton ed., Human Factors in Nuclear Safety, Taylor and Francis, 1996), 'Human Supervisory control: Two Visions Of the Future' (Project Report, No. 2, 1996).



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