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Professor Deirdre Boden

Professor Deirdre Boden
Copenhagen Business School

To our great regret, Deirdre Boden died in May 2001 


Deirdre Boden (Silicon Alleys: Networks of Virtual Objects) used to make television commercials for a living, in London and around Europe. Much more recently, she accepted the newly-created Chair in Communication at the Copenhagen Business School, from Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Lancaster University. Deirdre's research interests have always revolved around issues of language and social order. She has studied talk in a variety of organisational settings as a way of understanding the self-organising properties of language-in-action. This interest has led, rather obviously, to study of the relation between talk, task and technology. The grounded approach of observing the fine details of action has, in turn, led to more theoretical interests in time, space, trust, mediation and - even - globalisation. Deirdre was Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence in 1991-1992 and has been Visiting Scientist at British Telecom and Xerox-PARC. She has taught Sociology at Stanford University, Washington University in St. Louis and at Exeter. Most recently, she was offered a Senior Fellowship at SCASSS, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, in Uppsala.

It was while at Lancaster University that Deirdre teamed up with Scott Lash, Celia Lury and Dan Shapiro on a variety of ESRC-funded projects, in the Programmes on Media Economics and Media Cultures, Cognitive Engineering and, currently, Virtual Society? Their current VS? project entitled "Silicon Alleys" grows, both theoretically and empirically, out of the other ESRC projects, using a mixed methodology of ethnography and interaction analysis to inductively discover what constitutes a cultural object - in this case a virtual cultural object created in the multi-media productions of the new silicon alleys.

Boden's publications include Talk and Social Structure (with Don Zimmerman, Polity, 1991), The Business of Talk (Polity 1994), Now/Here: Space, Time and Modernity (with Roger Friedland, University of California Press, 1994), Organisations in Action (forthcoming), Global Communication (forthcoming) and Transforming Global Cultural Objects (in preparation, with Lash, Lury, Shapiro and others).


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