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Professor David Knights

Professor David Knights
Department of Management
Keele University
Staffs ST5 5BG
+44 (0)1782 6583603


David Knights (The Virtual Market Place?: Implications from the Financial Services Sector) is Professor Organisational Analysis and Head of the School of Management at Keele University. In 1994 he founded and managed a Financial Services Research Forum of 26 leading corporations to fund strategic research at 150K per annum. He still helps run this research activity at the University of Nottingham Business School where he was briefly prior to coming to Keele. He has supervised over 30 externally funded research grants to the value of around 3million and currently is involved in 5 ESRC funded projects on Bank Fraud, Business Reengineering, Innovation, Education, and Virtual Markets.

A selection of book publications include Managers Divided: Organisational Politics and Information Technology Management (with F. Murray , Wiley, 1994), Resistance and Power in Organizations (edited, with J. Jermier and W. Nord, Routledge, 1994), Regulation and Deregulation in European Financial Services (edited, with G. Morgan, Macmillan, 1997), Information Technology and Organizations: Strategies, Networks and Integration (edited, with B. Bloomfield, R. Coombs, and D. Littler, Oxford University Press, 1997), Financial Service Institutions and Social Transformations: International Studies of a Sector in Transition (edited, with T. Tinker, Macmillan, 1997), The Re-engineering Revolution?: Critical Studies of Corporate Change (edited, with H. Willmott, Sage, 1999), Management Lives!: Power and Identity in Work Organisations (with H. Willmott, Sage, 1999).


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