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Dr Celia Lury

Dr Celia Lury
Centre for Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths College
Laurie Grove Baths
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
+44 (0)171 919 7982


Celia Lury (Silicon Alleys: Networks of Virtual Objects) is a lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths College. She is currently involved in two ESRC-funded team projects, 'The global biography of cultural products' and 'Silicon alleys and virtual objects'. In both she is especially interested in the changing relationship between the image and the object as part of her ongoing interests in visual culture and the commodity character of contemporary culture. In both these respects, she is especially interested in the importance of time, memory and duration to perceptions of the object. Lury is currently working on a book on brands in which she will explore some of these issues. One issue here is whether and how brands might be said to contribute to a virtual global economy.

In addition, she is interested in developing the notion of a visual sociology: working out what this would mean in epistemological and methodological terms. So, for example, she is beginning to explore the ways in which imagistic description and images, both still and moving, can be understood not simply as illustrative, but also as concepts. In developing this view she is drawing on the revival of constructivism which George Marcus amongst others argues is frequently a part of multi-sited ethnography. In relation to objects, such an approach would seem to have enormous potential because so much of people's use of many objects is non-verbal: it is bodily, habitual, tacit.


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