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Professor Dan Shapiro

Professor Dan Shapiro
Lancaster University


Dan Shapiro (Silicon Alleys: Networks of Virtual Objects) is a Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. His main current research is in the sociology of new media and new technology, and besides this project in the Virtual Society? Programme he is studying the development of the Internet as a cultural as much as a technical or economic product. He has related research interests in social informatics, which is concerned with the design of technology in its social-organisational context as well as with its analysis. He has also held research grants under the ESRC's Media Culture and Media Economics and Cognitive Engineering Programmes, and the EU's Framework 3 and Framework 4 ESPRIT Programmes.

Recent books on which he has collaborated include The Design of CSCW and Groupware Systems (Elsevier, 1996), New Technology and Practical Police Work (Open University, 1992) and Restructuring: Place, Class and Gender (Sage, 1990).



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