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Dr Elizabeth Silva

Dr Elizabeth Silva
Faculty of Sociology
Open University


Elizabeth Bortolaia Silva (A virtual ethnography of the dynamics of social change in relation to new technology) is currently a research fellow in the Faculty of Sociology at the Open University. Previously she was Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy in the University of Leeds. She works in the areas of gender and technology, with a particular focus on domestic settings: gender and age divisions, family practices, motherhood, mothering. Her research focuses on Britain and Brazil. She received an ESRC award (1996) for a project on evolving patterns of innovation and gender relations in household technologies in Britain since 1920. This was followed by a fellowship grant from Brazil, CAPES and University of Campinas, for an Ethnography of Family Domestic Life and Household Technologies (1997).

Her publications include her previous work on the car industry: Refazendo a Fábrica Fordista [Remaking the Fordist Factory] (Hucitec, 1991), which contrasts the car industry in Brazil and Britain. On her more recent research interest, publications include Good Enough Mothering? Feminist Perspectives on Lone Motherhood (edited, Routledge, 1996); The 'New' Family? (Sage, 1998); Special Issue on 'Gender, Technology and Science' of Cadernos Pagu, (guest-edited, no.10, Unicamp, 1998).


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