Mr Michael Svennevig

Mr Michael Svennevig
Research Director
Research Centre for Future Communications
Institute of Communications Studies
Worsley Building
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
+44 (0)113 233 5805
+44 (0)113 233 5808 (fax)


Michael Svennevig (A Virtual Ethnography of the Dynamics of Social Change in relation to New Technology) is the Research Director at the Research Centre for Future Communications, which was set up to serve as a focus for research into changing patterns of communications. Its major current project is a large scale study of changing patterns of technological usagein the UK population ( The aim of the Centre is to encourage collaborative research into social/technological questions, acting as a bridge between academic based research and industry based research. Before coming to Leeds, Michael worked in the BBC and ITC research departments, and has also worked at senior level in market research.


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