Dr Ian Turton

Dr Ian Turton
Centre for Computational Geography
School of Geography
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
+44 (0)113 233 3309


Ian Turton (Public Participation in Local Decision Making: Evaluating the Potential of Virtual Decision Making Environments) is a member of the Centre for Computational Geography, where he works on the implementation of smart spatial pattern detection methods and how to make them more available by the addition of web interfaces. He is also involved in some work trying to integrate the www and GIS systems as part of the Virtual Society? Programme.

Ian used to work on the MEDALUS project, attempting to add a human dimension to the climatic work they are undertaking to investigate desertification of the Mediterranean. He has also been involved with the Human Systems Modelling project, part of the EPSRC High Performance Computing Initiative. This involved porting existing geographical code and the development of new methods to exploit the power of the T3D at Edinburgh. Ian has worked on the development of software to allow access to the Sample of Anonymised Records (SAR) from the 1991 Census. He was previously a geophysicist at the University of Edinburgh, where he completed a PhD in palaeomagnetism.



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