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Mr Theo Vurdubakis

Mr Theo Vurdubakis

Theo Vurdubakis (The virtual market place?: Implications from the financial services) was previously employed as an ESRC Management Teaching Fellow in the Manchester School of Management. He teaches in the Technology Management and Management Information Systems areas. His main research areas are the study of the relationship between financial practices and liberal forms of government and the sociology of science and technology, with particular reference to information systems in organisations.

Recent publications in the above areas, include: 'Calculations of Risk' (in Accounting Organisations and Society, 7/8, 1993), 'Disrupted Boundaries: New Reproductive Technologies and the Language of Anxiety and Expectation' (in Social Studies of Science, 25, 1995), 'The Revenge of the Object? Artificial Intelligence as a Cultural Enterprise' (in Social Analysis, March, 1997) 'Visions of Organisations and Organisations of Vision: The Practices of IT Systems Development' (in Accounting Organisations and Society, 22/7, 1997).

He is a member of the European Association for the study of Science and Technology (EASST).


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