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Dr Andreas Wittel

Dr Andreas Wittel
Nottingham Trent University


Andreas Wittel (Silicon Alleys: Networks of Virtual Objects) is now a lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities at Nottingham Trent University. He teaches and researches new meida and the culture of the new economy and is also part of the Theory, Culture and Society Centre. Previously he wass a research associate at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London. He studied Cultural Studies and Political Science in Tübingen (Germany), Eugene (Oregon) and Santiago de Chile. Andreas worked a few years as a free lance journalist and gave seminars for the German trade unions. Since 1996 he holds a PhD in Social Science from the University of Tübingen. The book called Belegschaftskultur im Schatten der Firmenideologie is an ethnographic case study of the way employees of a multinational company in the information industry deal with their corporate ideology.

After completing the PhD he worked at the Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (Department of Labor Studies) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany) and studied the establishment of work groups in production plants and the self-organizational processes of these work groups. See also the publication Gruppenarbeit und Arbeitshabitus (1998, in 'Zeitschrift für Soziologie' 3).

Currently he has four main research interests:
- new media and cultural industries
- anthropology of work
- anthropology/sociology of art
- new forms of ethnography (here I am especially interested in the theoretical and methodological implications of ethnographic studies of and within global worlds)


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