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Pictures of Project Visits


The virtual market place?: Implications from the financial services sector (Keele University)

Faith Noble, Theo Vurdubakis, David Knights, Steve Woolgar and Hugh Willmott




Human supervisory control in virtual environments (University of Southampton)

Frances Xu

Neville Stanton, Steve Woolgar, Frances Xu

Melanie Ashleigh

Melanie Ashleigh communicating simultaneously with Steve Woolgar, Neville Stanton and Frances Xu

The team




From the net to the web and beyond: actors and interests in the construction of the internet (University of East London)

Sally Wyatt

Graham Thomas, Sally Wyatt, Tiziana Terranova and Steve Woolgar

Sally Wyatt's Virtual Society? project is institutionalised at UEL




The virtual consumer: broadening the scope of teleshopping (UCL)

Peter Lunt, Steve Woolgar and Liz Moor




The Development of Handheld Computing in the UK: New Technology, Uncertain Uses (University of Cambridge)

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen and Steve Woolgar at the Judge Institute




Technology, Work and Surveillance: Organisational Goals, Privacy and Resistance (University of Plymouth)

Sally Coates, Graham Button, Steve Woolgar, David Mason and Gloria Lankshear

See left, but with Steve Woolgar missing




Space, Place and the Virtual University (University of Newcastle)

David Charles, Kevin Robins and James Cornford

Neil Pollock

Frank Webster

David Charles, Kevin Robins, James Cornford, Neil Pollock and Frank Webster




Silicon Alleys: networks of virtual objects(Goldsmiths College)

Standing: Andreas Wittel, Paul (departmental administrator), Scott Lash, Steve Woolgar and Deirdre Boden
Sitting: Dan Shapiro and Celia Lury




Learning Sites: Networked Resources and the Learning Community (Bournemouth University)

The people: Steve Woolgar, Paul Light, Vivienne Light, Su White, Charles Crook, Emma Nesbitt and David Barrowcliff

And the technology

David Barrowcliff, Emma Nesbitt and Caroline Ingram

Su White, Vivienne Light, Charles Crook and Steve Woolgar




Gateways to the virtual society: innovation for social inclusion (Warwick Business School)

Pete Watts and Fred Steard

Pete Watts, Sonia Liff and Fred Steward

The team


Talking about Cyber Cafes and Telecottages...

Public acces denied - this one didn't work
(Newcastle Airport)

Internet acces via the cornershop

This newsagent in Oxford was more concerned about the public than about the Internet




Other project visits

Steve Morgan (ESRC) on his project visit to
the Virtual Society? "national headquarters"at Brunel University




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