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Virtual Society? Project Publications
Reports on Virtual Society? Projects
Reports on Virtual Society? Events
Other Reports and Papers

Reports on Virtual Society? Projects

Virtual Society? Recent media storm: on reflection

Virtual Society? PROFILE 2000 available online. With a new overview and reference source of main findings and activities, including a synopsis of Manuel Castell's Delivering the Virtual Promise lecture. 

Cybercafes and Telecottages: Increasing Public Access to Computers and the Internet (Sonia Liff, Fred Steward, Peter Watts)

Inclusion in the Information Society - The Distinctive Role of E-Gateways (Sonia Liff, Fred Steward, Peter Watts)

Information and Communication Technologies: Reshaping Voluntary Organisations? (Eleanor Burt and John Taylor)

Making the Right Call (Eleanor Burt and John Taylor)

Theory and Practice of the Virtual University. (Neil Pollock and James Cornford)

They came, they surfed, they went back to the beach: why some people stop using the Internet (Sally Wyatt)

The Virtual Re-make of High-Rise Housing (Brian McGrail)

Virtual Slaithwaite: A Web Based Public Participation 'Planning for Real' System (Steve Carver, Andy Evans, Richard Kingston, Ian Turton)

Web-based GIS Used to Enhance Public Democratic Involvement (Andrew Evans, Richard Kingston, Steve Carver, Ian Turton)

Technology, Work and Surveillance. (David Mason, Graham Button, Gloria Lankshear, Sally Coates)

Where is the paperless office? (Steve Woolgar)

Virtual Society? Beyond the hype? (Steve Woolgar)


Reports on Virtual Society? Events

Pictures of Bruno Latour's 1st Annual Virtual Society? Public Lecture (1st April 1998)

Report and photographs on Technology and Privacy Symposium (30st July 1998)

Report on Technological mediation: The social psychology of information communication technologies (22nd September 1998), a symposium at the British Psychological Society Annual Social Psychology Conference held at University of Kent at Canterbury and convened by Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone.

Report and pictures of Living in Cyberspace - Myths and Realities (26th January 1999)

Report and pictures of Technology and Social Exclusion (23rd February 1999)

Pictures of 3rd Programme Synthesis Meeting (22-23rd March 1999)

Report and pictures of Education in the Virtual Society (14th July 1999)

Report of Inclusion or Exclusion: Access to the Internet and Public Participation, (10th November 1999)

Report and pictures of The Realities of E-Commerce, (11th November 1999)

Report on E-commerce and the restructuring of consumption, (10th December 1999)

Report of Wired Welfare? Setting an agenda for social policy, (13th January 2000)

Report on Future of the Internet, (28th January 2000)

Report on Future learning in the virtual society, (4th February 2000)

Report on Virtual Methodology?, (5th February 2000)

Pictures and papers of Performing Virtualities, (2nd-3rd May 2000)

Pictures and papers of Virtual Society? Get Real!, (4-5th May 2000)

Pictures and papers of Delivering the Virtual Promise?, (19th June 2000)

Report on The Future of Universities, (28-29th September 2000)


Other Reports and Papers

Papers and abstracts of the UK-Nordic Meeting, Ronneby, Sweden (15-16th April 1999)

Papers and abstracts of the UK-Nordic Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark (16-17th September 1999)

Report of The Virtual University - Educational environments of the future, Stockholm, Sweden (14-16th October 1999)

Infrastructure and Institutional Change in the Networked University. Paper by Philip E. Agre

Open Systems - a chance for democracy?. Steve Woolgar's presentation to the Annual EIP (Exchanging Information with People), ICA, 15-16th March 2000

The Virtual University is (paradoxically) the University Made Concrete. Paper by James Cornford

Defining the Digital Divide, Steve Woolgar's presentation at Citizens Online conference, 23rd May 2000




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