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Journal Articles

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Virtual Society? Discussion Papers

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Virtual Society? Project Websites (Brown) (Burrows) (Burt) (Carver);

also (Virtual Slaithwaite) (Nuclear Waste Disposal) (Yorkshire Dales) (Harvey) (Hughes) (Ibbotson) (Lash) (Light) (Mason) (McGrail) (Robins) (Programme web site)



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Newspaper articles:

"Do the plugged in opt out?", Times Higher Education Supplement, 15/8/97, p.4 (Crook)

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"Residents voice mixed views on village planning" by Brigid Walsh in Huddersfield Examiner 8th June 1998. (Carver)

"Villagers caught in Web for planning trials" in Yorkshire Evening Post 6th June 1998. (Carver)

"Info cliches suit the Euro funders", The Times Higher Education Supplement, Jan 22 1999, 14-15. (Jon Agar) (also available at

McGrail, B: Chronology of Media Items, 6th Jan – 1st Feb 1999 (some articles available at

FIRST WAVE (Major Nationals)

SECOND WAVE (Regional Press, Industry Press and Sundays)

THIRD WAVE (Broadcasters)




"There's virtually no equality here", The Guardian, 9/9/1999 (Woolgar, Loader)

"Teenagers desert the Internet, study finds" Technology News, 2/12/99, TechWeb: (Woolgar, Wyatt)

"Consumer Confidence", BBC Web Wise, 12/99 (Lunt)

"Internet drop-outs find surfing the Web too boring to bother", Sunday Express, 23/1/00 (Wyatt)



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