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End of award report

Principal Researcher

Professor Jonathan Allen
Krannert Graduate School of Management
Purdue University
1310 Krannert Building
West Lafayette IN47907
+1 765 494 2188

Research Period
1 October 1997 to
31 July 1999

The Development of Handheld Computing in the UK: New Technology, Uncertain Uses

Uncertainty surrounding product concept definitions is of fundamental importance for scholars of technological change.

  • defining a technological problem;
  • persuading people that an unproven technology is promising;
  • building sustainable networks of producers, investors, and consumers; and
  • interpreting past experience with a technology

are all issues which need to be taken into consideration when explaining how new technology might evolve. An understanding and effective management of these key processes can enable even small companies to have a large impact on the evolution of emerging IT.

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