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End of award report

Principal Investigator

Professor John A Hughes
Department of Sociology
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YL
+44 (0)1524 594174


Mr Mark Rouncefield
University of Lancaster

Professor Wes Sharrock
University of Manchester

Mr Peter Tolmie
Xerox Research Centre Europe

Research Period
1 October 1997 to
30 September 1999
Where the 'Virtual' meets the 'Real': Management and Innovation in the Virtual organisations

A major UK retail bank (the subject of this detailed ethnographic study of managerial work) adopted an approach in which the specification of tasks was used to achieve the co-ordination of its workers. The outcome of this adjustment was to increase standardisation, routinisation and mathematisation of working practices.

More specifically the researchers observed that

  • best practice in one location may not be readily transferred to another
  • in monitoring achievement, managers rely on basic interaction and co-presence
  • team work depends on local loyalties
  • interaction between managers and their customers clearly influences decision making in the bank

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