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Calendar of Programme and Programme related events - past and future

11th June 1997 4th Brunel 3M Innovation Lecture, Professor Steve Woolgar: A New Theory of Innovation? Brunel University
25-27th Feb 1998 IRISS ‘98 (Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists), Institute of Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), Bristol.
16th March 1998 1st Programme Meeting, Chancellors Conference Centre, Manchester
1st April 1998 1st Virtual Society? Annual Public Lecture: Bruno Latour, Brunel University
7th May 1998 Women in IT seminar, IBM, London
3rd June 1998 5th Brunel 3M Innovation Lecture, Professor Peter Cochrane, Brunel University
30th July 1998 Technology and Privacy symposium, London
21-22nd Sep 1998 2nd Programme Meeting, Warwick University
22nd Sep 1998 British Psychological Society Annual Social Psychology Conference, section on Virtual Society
1st-3rd Oct 1998 EASST’98 conference, Lisbon, sessions on Virtual Society
Dec 1998-Jan 1999 Consultation Exercise
16th Dec 1998 Social Contexts of Electronic Technologies, Brunel Research Club, Brunel University
26th Jan 1999 Living in Cyberspace - Myths and Realities, London
23rd Feb 1999 Technology and Social Exclusion, London
3rd March 1999 Technology in its Place, conference, London
9th March 1999 Buying the Vision, Seminar on Visual Engineering, Cambridge
10th March 1999 Steve Woolgar gives plenary address to Spirit of Technology Conference, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
22-23rd March 1999 3rd Programme Synthesis Meeting, IBM Hursley
15-16th April 1999 UK-Nordic Meeting. Technology, Information and Organisation, Ronneby, Sweden
29th June 1999 Will The Virtual Society Ever Happen? Steve Woolgar gives the Annual UKERNA Lecture, Royal Geographical Society, London
14th July 1999 Education in the Virtual Society?. A symposium, London.
6-7th September 1999 4th Programme Synthesis Meeting, York/Teesside
9th September 1999 The IT Face of Banking, Lancaster
9-11th September 1999 Sociality/Materiality: The Status of the Object in Social Science. Conference, Brunel University
16-17th September 1999 Second UK-Nordic Meeting.Technology, Power and Democracy, Copenhagen, Denmark
28-31st October 1999 Four Virtual Society? Panel Sessions at 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) Conference, San Diego, USA
10th November 1999 Inclusion or Exclusion: Access to the Internet and Public Participation. A workshop, Leeds
11th November 1999 The Realities of E-commerce. A symposium, London
18th November 1999 Information and Communication Technologies: Reshaping Voluntary Organisations? A research seminar, London
27th November 1999 Highly Thought Of? Electronic Surveillance and the Tower Block. A Day Conference, Edinburgh (contact Dr Brian McGrail
10th December 1999 E-commerce and the Restructuring of Consumption. Academic workshop, London
13-14th December 1999 Ethnography and the Internet: Writing into the New Millenium. A meeting in association with Anthropology in Action, Hull
16th December 1999 Inclusion in the Information Society: E-Gateways as New Social Places for Cyberaccess. Day Conference, Birmingham
13th January 2000 Wired Welfare? Setting a Research Agenda for Social Policy. A workshop, York
28th January 2000 Future of the Internet. A workshop, London
4th February 2000 Future Learning in the Virtual Society. A workshop, London
5th February 2000 Virtual Methodology? A workshop, Brunel University
9-10th March 2000 Privacy, Surveillance, Trust and Regulation. A workshop, Edinburgh
11-12th March 2000 Inhabiting Technology, London (organised with the Institute of Contemporary Arts)
15th March 2000 Network, Scale, Memory and Play: Key Concepts in ICT Research, Manchester
23-26th March 2000 Virtuality in Europe. Conference in association with Academia Europiae. Paderborn, Germany
26-28th April 2000 Community Informatics: Connecting communities through the web, Teesside University
2nd-3rd May 2000 Performing Virtualities. Postgraduate workshop, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor
4-5th May 2000 Virtual Society? Get Real! Virtual Society? conference, Ashridge House, Hertfordshire
16-17th June 2000 Working Together?: Knowledge and Management in the Information Society. Workshop, Department of Management, Keele University
19th June 2000 Delivering the Virtual Promise? From access to use in the virtual society. Conference, London
28-29th September 2000 The Future of Universities. Symposium, Newcastle University


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