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Research groups, centres, organisations and related sites Center for Community Networking Research, Monash University

The Sad Business School, University of Oxford

CRICT (Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture and Technology) at Brunel University

Hypermedia Research Centre at University of Westminster

ILRT (Institute of Learning and Research Technology) at Bristol University

ITEC (Information technology, Electronics and Communications) Panel - Quality of Life sub group of Foresight Programme

CSTT (Centre for Social Theory and Technology), Keele University

VCE The Foresight funded Virtual Centre of Excellence (Director Professor Peter Gibbins) Site down!

Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey

HumanITy Organisation founded to investigate social exclusion problems raised by IT

Citizens Online Charitable organisation committed to exploring the social and cultural impact of the Internet

The Internet Society aims "to assure the open development, evolution and use of the Internet." ISOC focuses on standards, education and policy issues, e.g. with its initiative the Internet Societal Task Force. For ISOC England, please contact Christian de Larrinaga

The UK Virtual Science City aims to provide information on and constructive debates about science, engineering and technology.


Online resources SocioSite - Cyberspace and Web Sociology offers an extensive set of links on sociology and the web

IT Road Maps, set up by the National Science Foundation, provide searchable listings of research publications, data sets, and web sites that can help to understand the social and economic implications of information, computation, and communication technologies

Internet Public Policy Network. Network for internet policy experts, providing content and services dealing with telecommunications, e-commerce and community technology issues

SOSIG, the Social Science Information Gateway. SOSIG were sponsors of the IRISS'98 (Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists) conference held at Bristol, 25-27 March 1998, where Steve Woolgar gave the opening Plenary Address "Virtual Social Science?"

REGARD Database of all ESRC-funded research. Includes details of awards, findings and publications

Actor Network Resource. Papers and bibliography maintained by John Law at Lancaster

Geography of cyberspace A collection of resources for exploring the emerging geography of computer mediated communications.

New Media Studies. The site for the study of new media, containing articles, book and web reviews, web design guides, internet information, and more

Media and Cultural Studies Arena. Site, with a special section on cyberculture, from Taylor & Francis with news on books, journals, conferences, and more

EASST, European Association for Study of Science and Technology. This site has a number of useful links to associations and publications in Europe and worldwide

UK Online for Business. Rebranded DTI site that also provides a series of its studies on business and ICT

The DTI's new Future Unit has just released its report on Converging Technologies: the consequences for the new knowledge-driven economy. The report - with acknowledgements to advice received from several Virtual Society? Programme members (Knights, Robinson, Swann, Woolgar) - aims to highlight the potential impact that the convergence of information systems, telecommunications and broadcasting will have on companies and markets over the next 10 years.

Gary Williams has supplied a number of interesting links on privacy issues: The Electronic Privacy Information Centre; Privacy International; Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility; Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties; Roger Clarke's homepage; Office of the Data Protection Registrar (UK); and The European Commission's Information Society Project. Copies of the most important recent official data protection documents can als be found online: The 1998 Data Protection Act; and the 1995 EC Directive on Data Protection.


News service The Red Rock Eater (RRE) News Service is run by Phil Agre out of UCLA. It often has items and materials relevant to Virtual Society? and may be worth subscribing to. See the RRE web site for information, including instructions for (un)subscribing, or send a message to with the Subject line: info rre.

Internet Intelligence Bulletin. This free monthly e-mail service gives useful information on the latest Internet developments by local and national government, as well as a fair amount of empirical data on usage etc. To subscribe email with "subsribe monthly" in the subject header.

DO-WIRE is an email announcement list covering the convergence of democracy and the Internet around the world. Post is forwarded from civic, political, academic, government, media and private sector sources. To subscribe, email with SUB DO-WIRE "Your name (place)" in the message body.


Online journals and journal web sites Cybersociology Magazine (fast access outside UK)

Sociological Research Online

The Information Society

Information, Communication and Society

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Journal of Online Behavior (JOB)

Personal Technologies, International Journal

iNtergraph: journal of dialogic anthropology


Discussion lists Association (of) Internet Researchers. Established by Steve Jones, a(o)ir regards "internet research as an international field and wants to contribute to an open and equal interaction among internet researchers at the international level and wants to cooperate with any other society and group which shares its interests. The goal is not to create a monolithic, imperialistic, western, American, etc., organization, but rather to allow for the organic formation of a community of scholars"

Cyberspace and society. "An academic list relevant to social sciences and related disciplines. It will review, disseminate and report on advances in cyberspace, virtual environments and new cultural technologies. It encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives".

Psychology of the Internet. A list for researchers interested in the psychology of computer mediated interactions, online therapy etc. List Down!

Science Studies Methods Forum (SSMF) was created to enable discussion about research methods in science studies. It covers topics such as the virtues and costs of pursuing "hot" research topics, comparing 'social worlds' and narrative analysis, and software and strategies to make the research process more enjoyable and productive. To subscribe, send a blank email to

A web site dedicated to the "Science Wars" controversy aims to gather in one place an extensive archive of articles and references on the on-going "Science Wars" debate and to provide a stable forum where the debate can be carried out on a regular basis and archived systematically. The site offers a forum, a chat room, a guest book, and even a periodically updated poll on "Science War" questions.


Other resources The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach, by Daniel Miller and Don Slater is an ethnography of internet use in Trinidad which includes work on relationships, local identity, the development of ecommerce, the political economy of internet provision, a survey of levels of internet use and use by particular groups such as religious bodies and diaspora Trinidadians

A personal synthesis of ESRC research carried out under the PICT (Programme for Information and Communication Technologies) has been published as Dutton, William H. SOCIETY ON THE LINE: INFORMATION POLITICS IN THE DIGITAL AGE (January, 1999. Oxford: Oxford University Press). For an overview of the book, its table of contents, and list of essays, you may wish to see:


Jobs and training opportunities Grapevine. Jobs and training events for social science researchers


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