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Ms Nessa Barry

Ms Nessa Barry
University of Glasgow


Nessa Barry (An Ethnographic Study of the Diffusion Process of Telemedicine in Scotland) is based in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Studies at the University of Glasgow. She graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1996 with an degree in Health Science. She then worked on a systematic review funded by the Health Education Authority, followed by another systematic review this time funded by the Chief Scientists Office (Scottish Office). Both these projects focused on the delivery of health promotion interventions, it was during this time that Nessa developed her interest in the medium as well as the method of delivering health care services.
Nessa moved to Glasgow to work on the Virtual Society? Programme study of the diffusion process of telemedicine in Scotland investigating to what extent these technologies have diffused across health care delivery in Scotland and what the implications for resource allocation this diffusion of telemedicine has.


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