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Dr David Charles

Dr David Charles
Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
University of Newcastle
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 7RU
+44 (0)191 222 7692


David Charles (Space, place and the virtual university) is a Principal Research Associate and Co-ordinator of the research group on Innovation, Learning and Knowledge in the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, University of Newcastle. He has undertaken research in the areas of ICTs and organisational change, technology policy and urban and regional development. Recent and current projects include work on regional economic performance, and support for innovation and human resource development in North East England, graduate labour markets, university institutional relations with their local regions, participation in an OECD network examining cluster strategies, and a project on the management of intellectual property by university spin offs.

He participated in a European Commission funded evaluation of the STRIDE, TELEMATIQUE and PRISMA programmes, in which he led the STRIDE evaluation, and an EC SPRINT funded study of technology parks across Europe. He has worked on various projects on universities and communities for the UK Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals and UK government, regional and local bodies,, and is currently co-ordinating a new EU TSER programme project on Universities and Regional Development. David has an on-going interest in the development and implementation of technology policies at an urban and regional level, and has undertaken work for various Directorates General of the European Commission, local authorities and other UK public bodies. David has been leading the CURDS involvement in a three year project (now coming to an end) in the North East on Raising Regional Competitiveness which includes regional benchmarking and analysis of firm needs and business support provision in the human resources and innovation fields.

Selected Publications

Technology transfer in Europe: public and private networks (with J. Howells, Belhaven Press, 1992), 'European Technology and Regional Policies : Implications for the Periphery of the UK' (with J. Howells, in R.T. Harrison and M. Hart, . (eds) Spatial Policy in a Divided Nation, Jessica Kingsley Press, 1993), 'The location of electronics R&D in the UK: Business strategies, organisation and labour markets' (in History and Technology, 11, 1993, 233-257), 'Alcatel: a European champion for a globalising market' (in J.E. Nilson, P. Dicken and J. Peck (eds) The Internationalization Process: European Firms in Global Competition, Paul Chapman Publishing, 1996), 'IT and production systems' (in P. Daniels and W. Lever (eds), The Global Economy in Transition, Longman, 1996), 'Regional support infrastructures for small technology-based firms: an international comparison of regional technology and advisory centres' (in W. During and R. Oakey (eds), New Technology-Based Firms in the 1990s, Volume 5, Paul Chapman, 1998) The impact of international collaboration on University industry links, (with A. Pike, Industry and Higher Education, 9, 1995, 264-276), Science parks and regional technology strategies: European experiences', (with S. Hayward and D. Thomas, in Industry and Higher Education, 9, 1995, 332-339), Universities and Communities (with J. Goddard, A. Pike and D. Bradley, Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, 1994), Making sense of diversity and reluctance: academic relations for USOs and SMEs (with B. Rappert, A. Webster, Research Policy, forthcoming), 'The commercialisation of university research in the local economy: institutional practices and benefit analysis', (with B. Rappert, A. Webster and P. Windrum, in W. During and R. Oakey, New Technology-Based Firms in the 1990s, forthcoming).


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