Virtual Society?

the social science of electronic technologies


Dr Gloria Lankshear

Dr Gloria Lankshear
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA


Gloria Lankshear (Technology, Work and Surveillance: Organisational Goals, Privacy and Resistance) is Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth. She obtained an honours degree in Social Policy and Administration as a mature student at University of Plymouth. After this she worked first as a research assistant then research fellow on externally funded projects within the university. During that time she obtained an MSc in Research Methods.

Prior to working on the virtual society project she completed a PhD related to the implementation of information systems in the National Health Service and it was whilst doing the research for her PhD that she became aware of issues related to privacy and autonomy at work which are directly relevant to the issues being explored in the project.

Previous research interests include IT Implementation, Change Management, Strategy, the Labour Process, and research related to Community Care.

She lives on a farm in Cornwall but says there is no escape from the progress related to electronic technology, even the pregnant sheep are scanned to monitor for twins or triplets, to allow for efficient feeding programmes.

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