Virtual Society?

the social science of electronic technologies


Dr Steven Muncer

Dr Steven Muncer
University of Teesside


Steven Muncer (Virtual community care? An analysis of the experience of computer mediated social support) is a psychologist whose original research was in psycholinguistics and dealt with such areas as phrase structure, non human language, sign language and also reading. His more recent research has been in the general area of social psychology, with specific interests in aggression, social development and also network analysis and social representations.

Recent publications include 'Network analysis and lay interpretations of loneliness: Some issues of consensus and representation' (in British Journal of Social Psychology 1997, 36, 537-551), 'Primacy of organising effects of testosterone' (in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1998, 21;3, 365-66), The Social Child (edited, Psychology Press, 1998).


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