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Mr Neil Pollock

Mr Neil Pollock
University of Newcastle

Neil Pollock (Space, Place and the Virtual University) is employed as a Research Associate at the Centre for Urban & Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University, where he is currently researching attempts to construct a virtual university.

He recently completed a PhD at Lancaster University on the sociology of a computer system called 'Mac'. The thesis is titled 'Working-around a Computer System; some features of a hybrid sociology', and is an ethnographic study of the work of a group of programmers implementing Mac in a large university.

Neil has a BSc in Information Technology from Portsmouth Polytechnic, and a MSc in Science & Technology Policy from Sussex University. Before commencing an academic career, he was employed in a number of jobs working as both a filing clerk and typist. His research interests are generally about the work of routinisation, and the introduction of new information technologies into various settings. He is also interested in the theoretical debate surrounding the sociology of science and technology.

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