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Dr Tony Roberts

Dr Tony Roberts
University of Southampton

Tony Roberts (Human supervisory control in virtual environments) research is concerned with perception of the human face, particularly with the relationship between recognising familiar faces and making other judgements about the age and sex of faces. He is interested in the way young children see faces, especially their ability to judge emotions from facial expressions and facial attractiveness. He is also interested in psychological aspects of visual impairment which relate to perception, communication and mobility. Through research into these topics he has developed links with the RNIB and The National Federation for the Blind, whose members are always keen to participate in research projects. A third topic of interest is the extent to which young children can be prepared for the trauma of major surgery. The challenge here is to develop means by which the potentially beneficial effects of any such intervention can be measured, particularly with very young children who are less able to communicate their feelings to others.

Selected publications Preparing children for hospital admission. Report to the Consumer Association (with A. Glasper and C. Venn, 1991), Preparing your child for hospital (with A. Glasper and C. Venn 1992), Feature saliency in judging the sex and familiarity of faces (with V. Bruce, 1988 in Perception, 17, 4 475-481), Repetition priming of faces in a serial choice reaction time task (with V. Bruce, 1989 in British Journal of Psychology, 80 201-211) The effect of prime-target proximity on repetition priming of face recognition and sex judgement (with V. Bruce, in prep).

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