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Professor Neville Stanton

Professor Neville Stanton
Department of Design
Brunel University
Runnymede Campus
Englefield Green
Surrey TW20 0JZ
+44 (0)1784 431341


Neville Stanton (Human Supervisory Control in Virtual Environments) is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Southampton. He gained his bachelors degree at the University of Hull and his masters and doctorate at Aston University in England. Before going to University, Neville worked as a manager in the retail industry. After finishing his doctorate he worked as a Human Factors consultant. This explains his motivation to apply Ergonomics to solve industrial problems. He edited a book called Human Factors in Alarm Design (Taylor & Francis, 1994). Neville has also organised several symposiums on behalf of The Ergonomics Society.

His research interests are generally concerned with Ergonomics: unified theories of human-artefact interaction, models of human alarm handling, development and validation of ergonomics methods. These three interests underpin the diverse range of activities that Neville is involved in. Neville is a Chartered Psychologist and on the professional register of The Ergonomics Society.


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