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Professor John Taylor

Professor John Taylor
Glasgow Caledonian University


John Taylor (Re-shaping the voluntary and community sectors in the information age) is a Professor of Management and Dean of the Faculty of Business at Glasgow Caledonian University. He worked at Strathclyde Business School and Newcastle University immediately before arriving at Glasgow Caledonian University in 1994 to become Director of Research of the Faculty of Business.

Since arriving at Glasgow Caledonian University he has formed a small research group, the Centre for the Study of Telematics and Governance. This Centre consolidates John Taylor's research interest in the field of information systems and telecommunications applied into questions of governance. He has published widely in the field and his most recent book Governing in the Information Age (Open University Press, 1998) is in the bookshops now. Together with Dr Eleanor Burt, he has a project under the Economic & Social Research Council's 'Virtual Society' programme that is looking at the uptake and application of new technologies in voluntary sector organisations. Reports from this work will be available later this year. Most recently, he has reported for the Consultative Steering Group at the Scottish Office on telematics applications for the new Scottish Parliament.

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