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Mr Peter Tolmie

Mr Peter Tolmie
Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE)

Peter Tolmie (Where the Virtual Meets the Real: Management, Skill and Innovation in the Virtual Organisation) is an ethnographer in the Work Practice group at XRCE-Cambridge. He worked for many years as a freelance music teacher, composer and occasional musical director, firstly in South East Essex, and then in Central Wales. In 1994, after doing several Open University courses, he decided to return to full-time education and moved to Lancaster to do a degree in Independent Studies at Lancaster University. The focus of his degree was initially conversational storytelling, though this became refined as time went on into conversational accounts of vicarious experience, especially television. He graduated with a First Class degree in 1997 and has since compiled and edited a book about getting First Class degrees for IHE/Times Higher publications.

In October 1997 he was appointed as the Research Assistant on the Virtual Society? Programme project based at Lancaster University. He considers himself to be an ethnomethodologist and, outside of ongoing research for the Virtual Society? project, he is currently working on a PhD which focuses on the situated achievement of managerial work. His long-term wish is to conduct an ethnomethodologically informed ethnographic study of musicians and the orderly practices they engage in during both rehearsal and performance.

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