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Ms Su White

Ms Su White
University of Southampton


Currently teaching and learning co-ordinator across the University, previously ILC manager; Su White (Learning Sites: Networked Resources and the Learning Community) joined the Interactive Learning Centre to run the institutional TLTP project "The Scholar Project" in 1993. Her main role is to provide advice and consultancy on the use of technology for teaching and learning throughout the University, with special interests in teaching and learning strategies, the national C&IT agenda, evaluation and widening participation.

Su is naturally eclectic; she started her working life as a reporter on a local newspaper, and can also draw on her background as an educationalist, computer programmer and computer science lecturer. Su is actively involved in a wide range of national arts and humanities teaching and learning initiatives including FDTL (Ciel and UK Earth Sciences Staff Development), TLTP3 (EFFECTS) and BT Universities Development fund (BT Project). She is also part of a Virtual Society consortium for the learning sites project. Until December 1998, Su was co-ordinator for the Southampton centre within the Teaching and Learning Technology Support Network (TLTSN). The network was established to provide advice, support and consultancy on the institutional and strategic aspects of organisational change in teaching and learning in Higher Education brought about by the use of learning technologies (which also happens to be the area of her research interests).

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