An ESRC Research programme

Virtual Society?

the social science of electronic technologies


Virtual Society? Programme Participants

National Headquarters Professor Steve Woolgar, Director
Dr Caroline Ingram, Programme Administrator (until August 2000)
Dr Sara Daw, Programme Administator (from October 2000)


ESRC Programme Officer Jeremy Neathey (until July 1999)
Steve Morgan (until January 2000)
Angelika Hamilton (from January 2000)


Advisory Panel


Dr Geoff Robinson, FEng CBE, Director General, Ordnance Survey


Mr John Leighfield, Chair, Birmingham Midshires Building Society
Professor Sonia Livingstone, LSE
Ms Elizabeth Mills, Director Research into Ageing
Mr Geoff McMullen, Chief Executive, UKERNA
Professor Nik Rose, Goldsmiths College
Mr Paul Williams, Head of Public Sector Pay and Efficiency, HM Treasury


Researchers Dr Jon Agar, Manchester University
Professor Jonathan Allen, Purdue University
Mr John Allen, Open University
Ms Melanie Ashleigh, University of Southampton
Mr David Barrowcliff, Delahaye Medialink
Ms Nessa Barry, University of Glasgow
Professor Deirdre Boden, Copenhagen Business School
Dr Jane Bower, Kinnell Technologies
Dr Robin Brown, University of Leeds
Dr Steve Brown, Loughborough University
Mr Roger Burrows, University of York
Dr Eleanor Burt, University of St Andrews
Mr Jeff Butler, University of Manchester
Professor Graham Button, Xerox Research Centre Europe
Dr Steve Carver, University of Leeds
Dr David Charles, University of Newcastle
Ms Sally Coates, University of Plymouth
Mr James Cornford, University of Newcastle
Dr Charles Crook, Loughborough University
Mr Andy Evans, University of Leeds
Professor John Goddard, University of Newcastle
Dr Sarah Green, University of Manchester
Professor Penny Harvey, University of Manchester
Mr Terry Hemmings, University of Leeds
Professor John Hughes, Lancaster University
Dr Tracy Ibbotson, University of Glasgow
Mr Richard Kingston, University of Leeds
Professor David Knights, Keele University
Dr Gloria Lankshear, University of Plymouth
Professor Scott Lash, Goldsmiths College
Dr Martin Lea,  University of Manchester
Dr Sonia Liff, Warwick University
Professor Paul Light, King Alfred's College Winchester
Ms Vivienne Light, University of Southampton
Dr Geoff Lightfoot, Keele University
Mr Brian Loader, University of Teesside
Dr Peter Lunt, University College London
Dr Celia Lury, Goldsmiths College
Dr Brian McGrail, Open University
Professor David Mason, University of Plymouth
Ms Liz Moor, University College London
Dr David Morrison, University of Leeds
Dr Steven Muncer, University of Teesside
Ms Emma Nesbitt, University of Bournemouth
Dr Sarah Nettleton, University of York
Dr Faith Noble, University of Nottingham
Professor Alan Pearson, University of Manchester
Mr Nicholas Pleace, University of York
Dr Neil Pollock, University of Newcastle
Mr Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh
Dr Margaret Reid, University of Glasgow
Dr Tony Roberts, University of Southampton
Professor Kevin Robins, Goldsmiths College
Mr Mark Rouncefield, Lancaster University
Professor Dan Shapiro, Lancaster University
Professor Wes Sharrock, University of Manchester
Dr Elizabeth Silva, Open University
Professor Russell Spears, University of Amsterdam
Professor Neville Stanton, Brunel University
Dr Fred Steward, Aston University
Mr Michael Svennevig, University of Leeds
Professor Peter Swann, University of Manchester
Professor John Taylor, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Tiziana Terranova, University of East London
Mr Graham Thomas, University of East London
Mr Peter Tolmie, Xerox Research Centre Europe
Dr Ian Turton, University of Leeds
Mr Theo Vurdubakis, UMIST
Dr Sue Watt, University of Manchester
Dr Pete Watts, Canterbury Christ Church University College
Mr Tim Watts, University of Manchester
Professor Frank Webster, University of Birmingham
Ms Su White, University of Southampton
Dr Gary Williams, ESRC
Professor Hugh Willmott, UMIST
Dr Andreas Wittel, Nottingham Trent University
Dr Sally Wyatt, University of Amsterdam
Ms Frances Xu, University of Southampton


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